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Freedom Christian Bible Institute
2016 Semester
Course Outline and Book Selection

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry/Evangelism 40 Credits
The Purpose Driven Church - Rick WarrenCourageous
Leadership- Bill Hybels
Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Leadership for Every Believer-J. Oswald Sanders
When God, Builds a Church: Ten Principles for Growth A Dynamic Church-Rob Russell
Revolution in Leadership: Training Apostles for Tomorrow’s Church-Reggie McNiel
The Emotional Healthy Church-Peter Scazzero
Connecting Your Heart to Others: Six Small Group Lessons On Fellowship-Doug Fields
Letters to Timothy: A Handbook for Pastors-John R. Bisagno
When God, Answers Prayer-Bob Russell & Rusty Russell
Developing Leaders For Urban Ministries- edgar J. Elliston & J. Timothy Kauffman
Foundations of the Christian Faith-James Montgomery Boice (mandatory reading for completion of course)
must select 6 of the noted text books; student requirement consist of :
Mid-term exam, final exam two 10 page essays from text book of instructor’s choice,10 page digest from Developing Leaders For Urban Ministries.)

Bachelor of Arts in Theology40 Credits
The Case of Christ- Lee Strobel
Systematic Theology-Wayne Grudema 
History of the Christian Church- Williston Walker
Theology For Beginners-Francis Joseph Sheed
The Genius of Luthers Theology: A Wittenbug
Way of Thinking for the Contemporary Church- Robert Kolb & Charles P. Arand
Mere Christianity-C. S. Lewis

Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth-Charles Ryrie
Christian Theology- Millard J. Wrickson
(Instructor must implement
all eight text books, student requirements consist of Mid-term exam, final
exam, a 10 page digest summary from text book of instructor’s choice, anda 8 page interactive essay from each
remaining text books)

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Leadership 80 Credits
·Encountering the
New Testament-Walter E. Elwell
·Encountering theOld Testament-Bill T. Arnold
·Paul and His Letters-John B. Polhill
Foundations for a Christian Worldview-J. P. Moreland & William L. Craig
·There’s No Such Thing as Business-John Maxwell
·There’s Only One Rule For Making Decisions-John Maxwell
·Five Steps to Sharing Your Faith-Bill Bright
·Power in the Pulpit-Jerry Vines
·How To Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons-Jerry Vines
·Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide-Garry R. Collins
·Church Growth and Development-Dr. Gene Mims
·Foundations of the Christian Faith-James Montgomery Bocie ( mandatory reading for completion of course)
(Course completion requirements: instructor
must select 8 of noted text books to facilitate class; students are required to
1.10 page digest
on Dr. Mims book;
2.Mid-term exam,
final exam,
3.3 8 page critiques on text books of instructor’s

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling120 Credits
·Competent Christian Counseling-Timothy Clinton & George W. Ohischlager
·The Practice of Spiritual Direction-William A. Barry
·Modern Psychotherapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal-Stanton L. Jones
·Silent Struggler-Glenn Mollette
·Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide-Gary R. Collins
·Basic Christian Leadership-John W. Stott
·Christian Counseling That Really Works-Dan Montgomery
·Theology of Christian Counseling-Jay Edward Adams
·Nursing Home Nightmare-Glenn Mollette
·Compassionate Care: An Inspirational Guide for Caregivers of the Seriously Ill-John Walton
·Foundations of the Christian Faith-James Montgomery Boice (mandatory reading for completion of course)
(Course completion
requirements; instructor must implement all text books; students are required
to write
1.10 page digest on Jay Edward Adams book,
2.write 3,8 page
critiques of text books of instructor’s choice,
3.Mid-term exam, final exam, and facilitate
4.5 page interactive essays on remaining text books).

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies120 Credits
Encountering the Old Testament: A Christian survey-Bill T. Arnold
A survey of Old Testament Introduction-Archer Gleason Jr.
30 Days to Understanding the Bible in 15 Minutes a Day-Max Anders
The Bible From Scratch: The New Testament for Beginners-Donald L. Griggs
Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey-Walter L. Elwell
The Bible Jesus Read-Phillip Yancey
Who Wrote the Bible-Richard E. Friedman
The Secret Teachings of Jesus-Marvin Meyer
Introducing the New Testament-John William Drane
The Epistle of the Romans-Leon Morris
The Bible for Everyday Life-George Carey
The Doctrines of the Bible-William Evans
Who Needs Theology- Stanley J. Grenz & Roger E. Olso
Foundations of the Christian Faith-James Montgomery Boice (mandatory reading for completion of course)
( Course completion
requirements; instructor implement all text books, students are required to
2, 10 page digest (a) The Bible From Scratch, (b) Encountering the New Testament; 8 page critique onThe Secret Teachings of Jesus, 2, 10 page critiques from The Doctrines of the Bible, implement a Mid-Term exam, a final exam, 8 page interaction essay from The Epistle of the Romans.)

Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration 40 Credits
Church Administration and Finance Manuel Resources for Leading the Local Church-Otto Crumroy
Church Administration Handbook-Bruce P. Powers
Courageous Leadership-Bill Hybels
Leading Congregational Change: A Practical Guide for the Transformational Journey-Jim Herrington
The Purpose Driven Church-Rick Warren
Leading Life-Changing Small Groups-Bill Donahue
Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality-Gary R. Collins
Body Politics: Five Practices of the Christian Community Before the Watching World-John Howard
When God Builds a Church: 10 Principles for Growing a Dynamic Church-Bob Russell
Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration-James D. Berkley
Foundations of the Christian Faith-James Montgomery Boice (mandatory reading for completion of cour
(Course completion
requirements consist of instructor implementation of all text books, students
are required to write:
10 positional essays on When God Builds a Church, and Courageous Leadership,8 page critique on Body Politics10 page summary on Leading Life-Changing Small Groups10 page summary on Church Administration Handbook8 page interactive essay on Christian Coaching facilitate Mid-Term and Final Exams
Certificate Accredited Courses

certificate accredited program will facilitate 20 credits towards any degree
program upon completion. All text books
will be assigned in accordance with instructor’s preference.
Freedom Christian Bible Institute
Fall 2016 Semester
Course Outline and Book Selection

with instructor’s preference.